Mrs. Creed, Content Mastery Teacher
    Welcome to Content Mastery (CMC) at Boswell High School!  My name is Gayle Creed (gcreed@ems-isd.net). I am the CM teacher this year. Damesha Freeman (dfreeman@ems-isd.net) and Staci McMinn (smcminn@ems-isd.net) are the educational aides for our room (A204).  If you need to contact me, the phone number here at Boswell is (817) 237-3314 ext. 8201.  If you prefer to e-mail, I check my e-mail usually first thing in the morning and at different times during the day.
    We expect students to come to CM for help, guidance and accommodations.  (Please note that this does not include giving all the answers.)  When they come to see us, they are expected to be respectful of each other, the teachers, aides, classroom, and themselves.  This means:

    Our classroom guidelines are as follows:

    1.      Be Intentionally Remarkable!

    2.      Arrive promptly to CM from class with supplies.

    3.      Follow sign in procedure.

    4.      Leave all bags in Bag Drop Area.

    5.      Restroom breaks will be limited.

    Our classroom rules are:

    1.       Focus on your assignment; allow others to do the same.

    2.      Work until finished or the bell rings.

    3.      Use technology/cell phones only when allowed.

    4.      Disruptive behavior will not be allowed.

    5.      Food and drink in the room with direct permission only.

    We usually have well-behaved students in our class.  If, for some reason, the previous rules are broken, the following consequences will be enforced:

    1.         Verbal warning.

    2. One-on-One conversation with teacher discussing behavior and expectations.

    3.      Detention and contact parent discussing behavior.

    4.      Office referral and parent conference.

    IMMEDIATE REMOVAL:  Any harm to another person or equipment; repeated refusal to follow directions; gross insubordination.

         A student should not come to CM until instruction in the regular classroom has been completed.  The classroom teacher is the expert; therefore, the student should spend as much time as possible gleaning information from that teacher.  Keep in mind that if a student's daily average is below 75 (especially if it is a failing average), the student needs to attend CM for assistance consistently  until the problem is rectified.  If their over-all average is above 85, they should stay in class.  This high of an average means that the student is able to handle the regular teacher's instruction with accommodations that teacher may be making.
    When a student does come to CM, one assignment per class period should be completed.  If there is homework that is not completed, that can be addressed after the daily work.  If the assignment brought to CM is a test, it must already be accommodated by the teacher or previously sent for CM to accommodate.  If this does not happen, the student will be sent back to class for the teacher to accommodate.  Due to the high volume of CM students, we cannot take 25 minutes out of the small amount of time we have students to do the classroom teacher's job.  We will help with accommodations of anything the classroom teacher has, as long as we receive it in a reasonable amount of time to do so.
    If you have any questions regarding this quick overview of CM, please do not hesitate to contact me!
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