• Instructional Technologists

    Cindy Tucker, ctucker@ems-isd.net
    Coordinator of Instructional Technology & Library/Media Services
    Scott Boiles, sboiles@ems-isd.net
    Campuses: Boswell HS, Chisholm Trail HS, Hollenstein CTC, Gililland ES
    Sallee Clark, sclark@ems-isd.net
    Campuses: Eagle Mountain ES, Lake Pointe ES, Greefield ES, Hafley DC
    Bob Eikenberry, reikenberry@ems-isd.net
    Campuses: Ed Willkie MS, Chisholm Ridge ES, High Country ES, Saginaw ES
    Ricky Gode, rgode@ems-isd.net
    Campuses: Saginaw HS, Highland MS, Prairie Vista MS, Watson HS, Remington Point ES
    Campuses: Bryson ES, Wayside MS, Willow Creek MS, Elkins ES, Comanche Springs ES
    Jennifer Prince, jprince@ems-isd.net
    Campuses: Creekview MS, Parkview ES, Dozier ES, Northbrook ES

    Campus Technology Integrators (CTIs)
    CTIs are full time professional employees (teachers and librarians) that also serve as a helping hand with technology on each campus. You will find the designated CTI for each campus listed below.



    Boswell HS

    William Mitchell

    Chisholm Trail HS

    April Dunning

    Saginaw HS

    Jeanette Bevers

    Saginaw HS

    Keila Mena


    *Scott Boiles


    Jason Ferrell

    Creekview MS

    Robin Hubbard

    Ed Willkie

    Tamara Williams


    Paul Montreuil

    Prairie Vista MS

    Jeff Rachels

    Wayside MS

    Denisha Ivey


    Destiny Womack

    Chisholm Ridge

    Eddie Howerton

    Comanche Springs

    Crystal Barnhill


     Ashley Cole 

    Eagle Mountain

    Chase Petit


    Laura Ingram


    Lance Lofland


    Judy Holz

    High Country

    Michelle Trevino


    Jennifer Anders

    Lake Pointe

    Leslie Harvey


    Trista Ketcham

    Remington Point

    Khara Payblas

    Saginaw El

    DeeAnn Reyes

    Willow Creek

    Angela Barrientos

    Hafley DC

    Carlos Batista

    *Scott Boiles is an Instructional Technologist for the district, but also serves as CTI for Hollenstein Career & Technology Center.