Rules for the Ag Barn

The Eagle Mountain-Saginaw I.S.D. Feeding Facility is part of the school districts facilities.  It was built for students of the FFA.  The facility is one of the finest anywhere.  The success of it depends on how well the students use and take care of the facility.


The feeding facility is a laboratory extension of the classroom.  Just as a science lab is to a science class.  Rules and regulations have been established so that everyone will know the guidelines and the operating procedures of the feeding facility.  Everyone will be required to follow all guidelines.


  1. All rules and policies of the Eagle Mountain-Saginaw I.S.D. and any of its campuses will be in effect.
  2. The Agricultural Science Teachers are responsible for the operation of the feeding facility.
  3. All animals will be brought in by the AST’s and removal will only be done with the approval from the AST’s.
  4. Pens shall be kept clean.  Manure and other waste material shall be placed in a designated area (at least 150 feet from barn or any gate entrance).
  5. If you are going to keep your feed at the facility it will need to be kept in a locked barrel or equivalent.
  6. No one is to borrow feed or supplies without permission.  Anyone violating this rule can be expelled from the facility.
  7. Halls and alleyways should be kept clean and clear at all times.
  8. Be observant.  If you see something wrong; a pen left open, door not closed, a sick animal, do what you can.  Then contact the animal’s owner or an Ag Teacher.
  9. Never mistreat or “tease” an animal.
  10. Never feed or water another student’s project unless you are asked.  If you agree to care for another students project be sure you know what kind and how much to feed.  Animals can become very sick due to incorrect feeding.
  11. There should be no horseplay, fighting, running, or loud hollering around the facility.
  12. A 10 M.P.H. speed limit shall be observed within the project area.
  13. All vehicles should be parked in their proper places.
  14. Students should not be in the project area except when barns are open.  Barn hours are from 6:00AM to 8:00PM.
  15. Other animals such as dogs, cats, horses, birds, etc. are not allowed inside project area.
  16. Make sure the water is turned off each time after use.
  17. If an animal, for whatever reason, is not cared for within a 24 hour period (feeding and watering) the animal can be removed at the Ag Teachers discretion.  At the student’s request, the animal will be sold with the balance of proceeds paid to the student after expenses.  If the student wishes to retain ownership, the animal will be delivered in a 20 mile radius.
  18. To prevent overcrowding and to aid in the marketing of project animals, there will be a two animal limit per student.
  19. Any violation of one or more rules can cause a student/parent and or project to be expelled from the project area within 8 hours of the offense.