• Earning Additional Credits

    Watson High School


    Official copy of a student’s educational record. It includes all courses, grades, GPA, & class rank.  Students may obtain a copy of their transcript to be sent to colleges or other institutions by completing a request on parchment.com. 
    Class Rank
    Academic standing of a student in relation to other members in the class. 1st in class has the highest grade point average in the class.
    Grade Point Average (GPA)
    The average of all high school courses taken for state credit.  The GPA is calculated using a 100 point scale with Pre-AP and AP courses weighted by adding points.

    Credits Earned 

    Credits are earned for successful completion of a course.  Each semester of a course earns .5 credits.  Grade level promotion is dependent on the number of credits earned.  Beginning with the 2012-2013 school year, semester grades are averaged for a final grade.  Credits may be earned based on the average grade for the year.

    Grade Level Classification


    0-5.0 credits


    5.5-11.5- credits


    12-18.5 credits


    19 Plus credits

    Credits Denied
    Texas state law requires that a student be in attendance for 90% of the time to receive credit for a course. If the student misses more than 10% of the class time, he or she will be denied credit for the course regardless of the grade earned (an asterisk will appear next to the semester grade). The student must appeal to the Attendance Committee to inquire what can be done to restore credit for the course.  Please see your House Principal regarding attendance issues.
    Graduation Requirements
    Students are required to have a specific number of specific courses in order to meet graduation requirements.

    Additional credits may be earned in a variety of ways either for advancement or original credit (a course you haven't taken before) or if you need to retake a course you have taken but did not earn credit for.
    Correspondence or On-Line Courses– Apply online. Take course from home, and have up to 6 months to complete.  You will take your final exam under the supervision of a proctor. Grades will be mailed to you and SHS.  Cost - $190 per .5 credit plus cost of books.  You must complete paperwork with your counselor prior to registering for a course for SHS credit to be awarded.
    Credit by Exam- Can be taken for classes that were previously failed or for original credit.  Exams are taken at SHS in your counselor's office.  Cost - $50 per .5 credit.  See your counselor for more information.  The district offers summer test dates.  See the Districe CBE page for more information.
    Texas Virtual School Network (TXVSN)- These high school courses may be taken online. Costs vary.
    Summer SchoolStudents can take classes in EMS-ISD or any other school district summer school. Costs vary.  Applications and information will be available in April or May of each year. 
    Capture– Self-paced, computer-based credit recovery courses at Saginaw High School before school.  Seniors may take Success Lab during the school day with counselor approval as space allows.  There is no cost for Success Lab.  Not all classes are eligible for repeating  in Success Lab.  Discuss this option and complete an application with your counselor. 
    Dual Credit- Classes that earn both high school and college credits can be taken outside of the school day to earn additional credits.  Students must meet specific eligibility requirements.
    Please see your counselor for allowed courses.  See the College and Career Readiness Specialist for specific paperwork, and deadlines.
    TCC classes may be taken on a TCC campus or online (if offered).

    Watson High School is an alternative education program that fits the educational needs of a variety of students, especially students who are behind in credits.  Talk to your counselor to see if Watson is a good fit for you.
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