Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD offers in-district transfers as an option for parents/guardians who would like their student(s) to attend a campus other than the one for which they are zoned. Parents/guardians must apply for an in-district transfer and must meet the eligibility requirements as stated in the guidelines.
2015-2016 Transfer Request Forms will be posted on April 1, 2015.  
*See below for 2015-2016 Non-Employee In-District Transfer Guidelines. 
Transfers are granted based on a first-come, first-served basis as space allows. 

Transportation is not automatically provided for students attending a campus on an in-district transfer, but parents may apply for the voluntary transportation program with GoldStar Transit.
Please take time to read the complete guidelines before completing an application.

Contact us with questions:

Bobby Jester
Director of Student Services
817-232-0880 x 2761

Jill Lormand
Assistant to Bobby Jester
817-232-0880 x 2761


2014-2015 Non-Employee In-district Transfer Guidelines


Parents – The general guidelines apply to all requests. You will also need to carefully review the campus level guidelines that pertain to your child. Please review all guidelines prior to completing an application.

General Guidelines:

  1. Deadline – Transfer requests will be received from Monday, April 7, 2014 through Thursday, June 26, 2014.  Consideration for these requests will not occur until after Friday, July 25, 2014. Transfer requests received after the Thursday, June 26, 2014 deadline will not be considered until after Monday, September 15, 2014. Parents/guardians that submit a request after Thursday, June 26, 2014 must contact Student Services beginning Monday, September 15, 2014 to check the status of their transfer request.
  2. Transfer requests will be considered based on the order received, student teacher ratio, facility availability and enrollment.
  3. Repeat transfers – Students who attended and completed the 2013-2014 school year on an approved transfer and desire to remain at the same campus may continue to attend the same school as long as the parent and the student reside in the district, meet all transfer eligibility requirements and there is available space. The originally approved transfer request will serve as the official transfer document and no additional transfer request is required.
  4. Participation in UIL activities shall be in accordance with all applicable UIL regulations.
  5. Transportation for students on an approved transfer is not guaranteed and may not be available. Parents wanting to inquire about the possibility of bus service may contact GoldStar Transit located at 10251 Warehouse Way, Fort Worth, TX  76179. Their phone number is 817-306-0684. Parents agree to follow the terms of the transportation guidelines. Transportation may be revoked if terms are not met.




High School Transfer Guidelines

Sibling transfers allow the sibling of a student who completed the 2013-2014 school year on an approved transfer and is enrolled for the 2014-2015 school year at either Boswell, Chisholm Trail or Saginaw to request a transfer to the same campus.





Middle School Transfer Guidelines

Requests submitted will be given consideration if the enrollment between middle schools at the grade levels requested is 15 or less. Should a campus have an enrollment that is significantly below the other campuses, consideration for approval would be given to the request for the lower enrollment campus even if the difference is greater than 15.




New Elementary School Transfer Guidelines



Transfers for students who did not complete the 2013-2014 school year on a transfer or a student that has never applied for a transfer in the past will be required to complete a new transfer request form. Transfer requests submitted will be considered as long as the grade level requested is below 80% of capacity. New requests will not be accepted for the following campuses:  Chisholm Ridge, Comanche Springs, Elkins, Greenfield, Lake Pointe, Parkview, and Willow Creek. 




Elementary Transfer Guidelines for Siblings of students attending Chisholm Ridge, Comanche Springs, Elkins, Greenfield, Lake Pointe, Parkview and Willow Creek  


Students who completed the 2013-2014 school year on an approved transfer request and who are enrolled at the same campus for the 2014-2015 school year for Chisholm Ridge, Comanche Springs, Elkins, Greenfield, Lake Pointe, Parkview, and Willow Creek that have a sibling desiring to attend the same campus may submit a sibling transfer request to attend the same school.  If we are unable to approve the request, the district will attempt to offer a campus in which all siblings can attend.



Dual Residence or Power of Attorney

Students who have an established primary (permanent) residence in the district and establish a second residence through a Power of Attorney, guardian change, cohabitation, rental/purchase agreement or through any other means of establishing a second residence will be expected to attend the campus in the attendance zone in which their primary residence is located.