Welcome 2018 Seniors!

     Graduation Date: June 1st 1:30 p.m


    Dear Class of 2018 and Parents,

    We are entering the last year of high school for the Class of 2018! In order to help you plan for this exciting time, Saginaw High School has compiled all of information you need leading up to graduation. 

    Please don’t hesitate to contact your house principal with any questions.


    Senior Meeting 2018 February 

    Senior Q & A Session


    Josten's Senior Presentation from September 2017:

    Direct any questions to 1-800-JOSTENS (567-8367)
    (Hint:  use the arrows on your keyboard, or at the bottom of the screen to advance the pages)


    Transcript Requests

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    Spring Exemption Policy 

    Semester Exemption Policy



    •       10 or more absences in any class = loss of credit

    •       Makeup hours will be in B115 (TBA)

    •       House principals will contact students in April to review missing hours and sign contracts detailing makeup hours necessary for graduation     

    •  Please make sure you don’t owe fees to following areas:
    ◦          Athletics
    ◦          Fine arts
    ◦          Library
    ◦          Cafeteria
    ◦          Front office
               Diploma is held until all fees are paid.

    Cap, gown, invitation Information 

    •       Jostens is still taking late cap and gown orders (more on this soon)

    •       Prices will continue to increase

    •       You MAY NOT use a sibling’s gown because the color may be different this year

    •       Cap and gown delivery will be in B115 during all lunches (TBA)


    Graduation Practice

    •       Practice #1: TBA in May

    •       Must have cap and gowns on for second practice

    •       Senior picnic afterwards

    •       Practice #2:  @ Fort Worth Convention Center in May (TBA)


    Dress and Attire for Graduation

    •       Black attire

    •       Black shoes

    •       No strapless outfits (male or female)

    •       No flip flops or sneakers

    •       Only stoles allowed:  NHS and/or SHS 2018

    In case there is a chance of rain and we all know we live in Texas so you know want that means weather is unpredictable and it could end up sunny but………….

    We would recommend telling your students to put their hat and tassel, stoles, cords in a plastic bag to help keep them dry and secure in case of rain while they are entering the graduation venue.  Many of them may be running in to keep from getting completely drenched and may loose items running in which makes for a stressful start to the student for graduation.    Many kids try to use their mortarboard hat as an umbrella from the rain and mortarboard and rain not a great combination.   We appreciate you sharing this information with your students and mostly their families.  

    2018 Graduation – June 1 Fort Worth Convention Center at (TBA)

    •       Arrive at the Fort Worth Convention Center no later than (TBA).

    •       Come dressed with cap and gown on hanger or over your arm

    •       Parents are not allowed backstage

    •       We will all be ready and in the tunnel by (TBA).

    •       We will start entering the auditorium at (TBA) sharp

    •       Graduation will finish at approximately (TBA) p.m.

    •       You will receive your diploma after the ceremony

    •       No re-entry once you leave the building


    Guests at Graduation

    •       Please let us know if you will have guests with special needs

    •       You may have as many guests as you like; there are no tickets

    •       Top 10 students will have special seating for their guests


    Project Graduation

    •       Project graduation pre-sale tickets ($) will be on sale (TBA) during all three lunches

    •       Project Graduation will be after graduation and held at (TBA).

    •       Pre-sale tickets get you a wristband to get food from one of the concession areas

    •       $ at the gate

    •       Snacks will be served that night and  breakfast in the morning

    •       Prizes will be given during the event (laptops, TVs, dorm size refrigerators, microwaves, gift cards and more)


    Fort Worth Convention Center Rules 

    •       Fort Worth Convention Center has rules against the following:

    •       Air horns

    •       Balloons

    •       Signs

    •       Saving seats