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    Photos/Dates/Events/Etc. of things going on in the library
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    "Getting to Know You"- Teacher photos with book picks of the month
    Student Book Reviews- student photos with books, etc.
    Online Reading Programs
    "If You Like_____________, then You Would Like:" Booklists
    Book Trailers
    Short Surveys (Poll Daddy)
    (See this website for more ideas and resources!)  
     Online Living Scrapbook of Your School in the News
    General Ideas for the In-house Library
    Start an Anime/Manga Club
    Monthly Poetry Slams
    Book Clubs
    Book Buddies Program
    Book to Movie (quiz entry) contest for movie tickets 
    Before and/or After School Workshops-
    • How to Use Databases (Scavenger Hunt)
    • How to Create the Perfect Bibliography Using Easy Bib
    • Internet Searching- Finding Valid & Reliable Sources
    • Library Skills- How to Use a Library to Increase Academic Success (include how to use the library catalog & the Dewey Decimal System
    • Field Trip to the Community College
    • Community College Librarian Visit to Campus
    Battle of the Books
    Summer Reading Book Sale
    Library Brochure for Students
    Library Brochure for Staff- Visit each new staff member in their classroom.  Give them a brochure and invite them to the New Staff Meet & Greet.
    New Staff Meet & Greet- Invite new staff members to visit the library and see all of the resource available.
    Staff Photo Directory- Take headshot photos of your office and teaching staff and make a thumbnail photo directory including what they teach, room number, and phone extension.
    Staff Birthdays List- Compile all of your staffs' birthdays (not the year, just the day) by month and share it with them.  Make a note to send them a little homemade card on their special day and win points with them!
    Book Wish List (AKA Book Request Log)- Students can put a book on the list to be ordered and then they are the first ones to be able to check it out!
    Take a Book ~ Leave a Book- this is where gently used books that are donated are traded in and out for others (not through the circulation system).  Make this a separate section in your library!  You can have two of these sections- one for students and one for staff (keep these separate as well).
    Suggested Books' File Folders- Use file folders as your backdrop for information, pictures, etc. about books you want to stand out, and stand these laminated folders on top of your shelves for a quick look.
    S.L.A.C.-  Student Library Advisory Committee- This group helps advocate for library events and anything else the library needs help with in the library.
    F.B.I.- Future Book Investigators- These students sign up to read and review the newest books that come in.  Make a form template for the review and then post these reviews on your website!
    Look Who's Reading a Good Book posters- Make posters of your faculty reading fun books and post them up around school or by the teachers' doors.
    Required Reading Helps- Use "No Fear Shakspeare", graphic novels, and playaways to help students along in their reading.
    Customized Bookmarks- Make your own bookmarks with database passwords, library hours, and any other information you feel is important!
    Scrapbook of Newspaper Articles from the School Year
     Bullentin Board of School News, Etc.
    Read It Forward- Leave several books around campus and have a caption that encourages someone to read the book and sign the sheet inside.  Then leave it somewhere on campus for someone else to read.  Pick up the books at the end of the month to see how many students or staff have read the books!
    Teacher Book Bundles-  Most teachers do not have time to come and leisurely browse the bookshelves for themselves and their own needs.   Grabbing 2-4 books for a teacher, checking them out and putting them in that person’s mailbox, with a little note that says “take a break” (with a small explanation of what you are doing) and a fun size Kit Kat can really make someone’s day!  For example, check a few football books out to a football coach or a book of lesson ideas for a teacher who has mentioned needing help in that area.  Get to know your staff!  Fun books like cake decorating or gardening can go a long way!
    Staff Breakfast Club- Provide breakfast for your staff the 1st Friday of the month and get to know them better!  Also, use this time to let them know about library events, other news, new books in, etc. 

    Brown Bag Lunches-Schedule a day to have students come to the library during lunch and bring their food up to eat at the tables.  This time can be used for just about anything (i.e. introducing a new book club book, showing book trailers, an origami lesson, etc.)  It’s a great way to connect with your students and get more participation for library events!

    Book ClubsThe traditional book club that lasts for a month or so can always bring in students who love to read or are looking for a way to be involved at school and make friends.  If you are having trouble deciding on a book, pick three and have students come for a brown bag lunch and read an interesting couple of pages from each without showing them the covers of the books and then have them choose one before revealing the book.

    Book-Turned-Movie Ticket Drawing-  Develop a short (about 5 or 6 questions) quiz about the book.  This is the entry card for the ticket drawing box.  Buy two tickets or four tickets to a showing of the movie.  After a couple of weeks, pull entries from the box until you get one or two who got all of the quiz answers right.  These students are your winners and they have an extra ticket to take someone with them.

    Crime Scene Activity-  In front of the library or somewhere that students can miss it, set up a crime scene with caution tape around the table and area (tape outline of a person on the floor).  Set up a display of mystery books on the table along with intriguing detective items for display.  In large enough print, type a short minute mystery (you can search for these on the internet).  And set up a box with scraps of paper and pencil for them to guess the answer to the mystery.  Draw for a winner (with the correct answer) and that person receives a free new bestseller mystery book.

    Another great resource for ideas is Tips: Ideas for Secondary School Librarians & Technology Specialists by Linworth Publishing, Inc. 
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    Blooming Books
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