Current Students and Former Students Returning to District

    ***The online registration portal for 2018-2019 will open July 2018***

    This process is intended for our annual returning students and students who are enrolling and have attended Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD schools at any point. 

    Visit our Family Access page or access the Family Access Login screen. If you need assistance with access, please utilize the Forgot your Login/Password link using the email address you registered the account with. If you’re unable to access, please contact your child’s school of enrollment for assistance in recovering your account.

    Q: My child or children have not attended EMS ISD. What's next?
    A: Please use the New to District Enrollment procedure to create an account and create a student application.
    Q: My child or children have attended EMS ISD. What's next?
    A: Please log into your Family Access account in order to complete CURRENT YEAR Returning Registration procedures to register a child for an active school year. If you have a child returning to the district for a future school year, please utilize NEXT YEAR Returning Registration.
    Q: I have children that currently attend EMS ISD but I'd like to enroll a NEW student as well. What's next?
    A: Access using your Family Access account and then choose the "NEW to District Enrollment" option. 
    Q: My child used to attend EMS ISD but I'd like to enroll a NEW student as well. What's next?
    A: Access using your Family Access account and then choose the "NEW to District Enrollment" option. 

    Former Students Returning to District


    For students who have previously attended EMS ISD and have left the district, but are now returning, please access your Family Access account. Proceed to select the CURRENT YEAR Returning Registration tab in the upper left corner of your screen and select your child's name to begin the process.
    Once you access your Family Access account, proceed to select the NEXT YEAR Returning Registration tab or click on the link displayed on your Family Access wall displaying the message to access the registration process.
    When EMS ISD opens NEXT YEAR registration on July 17, your Family Access wall will display a link showing that registration is open for each of your students, or you may select the tab on the left edge of the screen followed by selection of your student’s name.
    Next Year Returning Registration


    For step-by-step instructions on this process, please click here.
    Once the online registration process is complete, please bring the following documents to the school to finalize registration:
    • Parent or guardian’s drivers license or government issued identification
    • Proof of residency (if there are any changes from the previous school year)
    • Immunization records (if immunization records need to be updated)

    Note: If a student lives with someone other than a parent, additional notarized paperwork is required each school year. The CoHab form is available as an optional form within the registration process, but you may also click here for additional information. The form must be printed from home and notarized if you choose to complete it online. If you have questions about which form is needed, call your home campus or the Technology Help Desk at 817-232-0880.

    Transfer Policy

    Students residing within the Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD boundaries may request an in-district transfer to another school by contacting the Student Services department at Central Administration. In-district transfer requests that are received before the stated deadline are granted prior to the student's first day of school if space permits. The district does not accept out-of-district transfers unless the parent of the child is a district employee.