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    Monday, October 23rd is Renaissance Day.  We have various special activities on campus to assist with social/emotional learning. 

    If you DO NOT wish for your student to participate in either the guest speaker or the drug prevention presentation, please complete the form or forms that are listed below and return it to the school office no later than Monday, October 23, 2017.

    Just Say Yes speaker, Gabe Salazar, will present to all students on October 23rd.  Gabe is a nationally recognized speaker who engages humor to captivate students’ hearts and minds. He speaks about his own life experiences, captivating students with his genuine delivery and speaking candidly about teen culture. As a teenager, Gabe struggled to find his identity. He grew up homeless in a single parent family while struggling to find his identity through gangs and risk behaviors. Gabe’s program provides students with strategies to overcome obstacles in the classroom and beyond. He challenges students to be purposeful with their choices, and tells them it is never too late to turn things around for themselves. If you would like more information about this program, please click the link below. 


    Opt Out Gabe Salazar Guest Speaker

    Recovery Resource Council will also be here on October 23rd to kickoff Drug Awareness for Red Ribbon Week and present to our 7th graders.  Highland Middle School is committed to continue our tradition of excellence while striving to find ways to raise the bar and assist our students to achieve their fullest potential.  Participation is designed to benefit your child both socially and academically while developing their skills in drug resistance and decision-making.

    These activities will take place during school hours and on site at your child’s school on Monday, October 23rd. Discussion will include information about the dangers of tobacco and other drugs. We will also discuss and present about health decision making. 

    Opt Out Recovery Resource

    Both of these presentation will take place as part of Renaissance Day—a day filled with activities designed to help your child learn to Respect, Recognize, Reward, Reinforce, and leads to Results.  If you would like to learn more about the Renaissance program please visit https://www.jostensrenaissance.com/learn-more/.


    Talking to Children  
    April West
    6th A-L
    7th Grade
    Extension - 5208
    email: awest@ems-isd.net
    Mirna Cano
    6th M-Z
    8th Grade
    Extension - 5209
    email: mcano@ems-isd.net
    Allison Fond
    Intervention Counselor
    All Grades
    Extension - 5207
    email: afond@ems-isd.net

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