Communications Department Earns Top Awards

Tammy Kristin The EM-S ISD Communications Department earned 21 awards at the annual Texas School Public Relations Association (TSPRA) Annual Awards Banquet on Wednesday, February 20 in Corpus Christi, Texas. Kristin Courtney and Tammy Castleberry earned ten Gold Star Awards, seven Silver Star Awards, one Bronze Star Award and three Best of Category Awards for districts with 10,000 to 30,000 students.  One of the best of category awards, was a joint effort with the communications department and the HCTC Audio/Video teacher, Jerome Butler for the production of the "Because of You" video used at the beginning of the year for convocation. A bonus award was also presented to Director of Communications, Kristin Courtney, for being the best dressed woman at the event following the "Boat Party" theme.  Kristin dressed as everyone's favorite cruise director, Julie McCoy, from the Love Boat! The TSPRA Star Awards provide recognition for the excellent communications work and projects of Communications Departments across the state.   

A Gold Star Award is earned when a communication piece not only achieves its purpose with noticeable creativity, craft and skill, but, in the opinion of the judges, does so in an exceptional way.  The Best of Category Award is given to an entry that stands out from all the others for its exceptional creativity and quality.


"We do what we do each day to foster positive relationships between the district and our parents, students, and the community. We put a lot of strategic thought and effort into designing materials that stand out to accomplish this goal, and I am pleased to be recognized for our efforts," said Kristin Courtney, Director of Communications. 

"I am proud that our communications department has earned such high awards within the school public relations realm and I look forward to the great things we can accomplish together for our district," said Dr. Jim Chadwell, Superintendent of Schools.


Congratulations to the EM-S ISD Communications Department!

Julie McCoy  
"Julie McCoy" (aka Kristin Courtney) and her salmon hued side-kick, Tammy Castleberry!" 
Photo credit: Harris Department of Education, Joe Perez.