• Terry L. Parrish

    Then!  Now!
     THEN.......                            NOW! (I am growing up fast!)         
    Band Director, Wayside Middle School Band
    Room # 62 
    School phone 817-232-0541

    We offer tutorials before school, and after school.  Students are urged to speak to a director so that a meeting time may be arranged to address any musical questions a student might have.

    Conference by appointment.  There are band students in our classroom all day long and we do a lot of team teaching. For this reason "drop in" conferences are discouraged.  Please email for an appointment so that I may provide you excellence and uninterrupted  customer service.  Contact me via email for fastest service.
     (the Future?)    
    (the Future?)
    Be sure to check out the WMS band pages...there is lots to see there!