• Welcome to the Wayside Wildcat Band!
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    Band Directors:
    Mr. Terry Parrish
    817-232-0541  ext. 162
    Beginner Woodwinds & Honor Band
    Dr. Ben Shaffer
    817-232-0541  ext. 162
    Beginner Brass & Symphonic Band
    Mr. Stuart Spoon
    Percussion Instructor
    Visitors are always welcome in the band hall, (be sure to check in at the office first)!  We are in room 62.
    Tutorials are offered before school, after school and at other agreed upon times each day.  Students are encouraged to speak to a director so a time can be arranged to meet about any musical concerns.  
    Please email for an appointment if you would like to speak to a director.  We have students in our room all day long, every day and we do a lot of team teaching.  After school, we often have extra rehersals or try to finish office work.  If you make an appointment, we can plan a time when we can meet without interruption. 
    Drop-in conference requests are discouraged.  Please make an appointment so we can give you excellent service and take the time needed without having to rush.
    One of the wonderful things about music is that you can spend your entire life studying it. You can develop near superhuman skills...but there is always room for improvement.   Your teachers STILL regularly take lessons and learn new things about instruments they already play as well as insturments they are
    just learning.  Even Old Mr. Parrish!
    Band class is not like any other class you can take at Wayside. We operate like a family. We do a lot of wonderful, funny, crazy stuff and our students are among the MOST well behaved, well mannered and smartest students you will meet anywhere. We pride ourselves on not only being good musicians, but also good and responsible citizens. We will have some fun and we will work hard to be the best we can be. You will have the chance to prove how smart, dedicated and diligent you can be on a daily basis!
    Thank you for visiting the Wildcat Band website!  Please check our website regularly for important information and updates.  You will find the links to the left very helpful throughout the year.