• Emily Kelly


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    Emily Kelly
    Phone number: 817.306.0914 ext. 8583
    Room B222






    Picture of unit circle and trig values at pi/4, 3pi/4, 5pi/4 and 7pi/4




     AP Calculus students follow @shscalculus on Twitter.  Image result for twitter

    I teach AP Calculus AB, BC and Pre-AP Algebra 2.  My conference period is from 10:00-10:50 daily.  My tutorial schedule is posted weekly in the classroom.  I am typically available the following times:
    Tuesday            8:30-8:55, 4:25-5
    Wednesday       8:30-8:55
    Thursday           4:25-5
    Friday                8:30-8:55
    Last half of 3rd period on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday
    Class Schedule:
    1st - AP Calculus AB
    2nd - conference
    3rd - lunch
    4th - Pre-AP Algebra 2
    5th - Pre-AP Algebra 2
    6th - Pre-AP Algebra 2
    7th - AP Calculus BC
    8th - AP Calculus AB
    This is my eighth year at Saginaw High School.  I'm excited to be a Rough Rider. 
    Previously I taught six years in Michigan and Ohio.  I earned my Bachelor of Science
    degree in Physics with a math minor from Michigan State University. 
    I also was awarded a Master of Arts in Curriculum and Teaching from MSU.