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                                      "Imagination is more important than knowledge." A. Einstein   

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    C Kilgore  

    Vision Statement
    Students shall experience a cultivating climate that advocates and facilitates the students building their knowledge and understanding of mathematics, leading the student to experience the elegance, marvel and creativity of mathematics and its applications. These cultivated experiences will prepare the student to be successful in the further endeavors in mathematics, related sciences and life.

    Education & Teaching Background

    I graduated from Bellevue East High School in1980. Then, I attended The University of Texas at Arlington graduating with a B.S. in Physics and a minor in Mathematics in 1984.  Upon graduating I went to work for General Dynamics (i.e. Lockheed Martin) until the infamous layoffs in 1991. I returned to UTA to obtain my teaching credentials. My teaching certifications are Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry and engineering. I have been teaching for about twenty years. The schools I have taught are Azle High School, Brewer High School, Southwest High School and now Saginaw High School. I have attended several AP and PreAP institutes training me to teach all levels of the subjects I am certified for. During the time that I have taught Algebra 1, Geometry (Regular & PreAP), Algebra 2 (Regular & PreAP), PreCalculus (Regular & PreAP), Physics (Conceptual, PreAP & AP), Chemistry AP, and Calculus.