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    Pre-AP & AP Computer Science A
    AP Computer Science Principles
    Digital Media

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    Digital Media

    Grade Levels: 9-12, Semesters: 2, Credits: 1
    Prerequisite: None
    In this course students will analyze and assess current and emerging
    technologies, while designing and creating multimedia projects that address
    customer needs and resolve a problem. Students implement personal and
    interpersonal skills to prepare for a rapidly evolving workplace environment.

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    AP Computer Science Principles

    Grade Levels: 10-12, Semesters: 2, Credits: 1
    Prerequisite: Algebra I
    Course is designed to be equivalent to a first-semester introductory college 
    computing course. Students are introduced to the central ideas of computer 
    science, instilling the ideas and practices of computational thinking and inviting 
    students to understand how computing changes the world. Students will 
    develop a range of skills and develop effective communication and 
    collaboration skills. Technology topics covered include creativity, abstraction, 
    data and information, algorithms, programming, internet, and global impact.
    Students are expected to complete the Performance Tasks and 
    take the AP Computer Science Principles exam 
    for the possibility of earning college credit.

    [CS1] Pre-AP Computer Science A

    Grade Levels: 9-12, Semesters: 2, Credits: 1
    Prerequisite: Algebra I
    This course provides an introductory study of the JAVA programming language.
    Topics include the process of writing software through the study of common
    problem solving procedures (algorithms) such as searching, debugging, and
    menu driven programs. Students write programs to solve task-oriented problems
    and must be able to work with abstract concepts such as algebraic variable
    representations of data.

    [CS2] AP Computer Science A

    Grade Levels: 11-12, Semesters: 2, Credits: 1
    This course is designed for the student who anticipates a career in a
    technological field, such as physical science, social science, mathematics,
    engineering, or computer science. Inheritance and polymorphism are
    emphasized. Classic algorithms, simulations, and case studies are studied in
    depth. Keyboarding experience is needed.
    Students are expected to take the AP Computer Science A exam for the
    possibility of earning college credit.