• Welcome to Mr. Pinkerton's  class...
     YOU can accomplish anything if you just
    LEARN to believe in yourself!
    Some people want to work by the inch
    and get paid by the yard
      they need to be kicked by the foot ...Mr. P.
    Common (uncommon) sense:
    There are millions of talented people out there: 
    Make yourself stand out...
    1. Be more persistent than everyone else
    2. Have a positive outlook - believe the great things can happen
    3. LIKE the people around you - focus on their good qualities
    4. PICK what you do, who you hang out with, and how you spend your time
    5. Figure out what you think is important, and then LIVE by your priorities...
    6. Quit letting "Today" get you down - look and work towards the future...

    Mr. P.

    Mr. P's  2016-2017 Schedule:    


    *** Tutorials (besides Wednesdays)***


     Period 1 - Conference


     Period 2 - Physics


     Period 3 - Lunch


     Period 4 - Physics


     Period 5 - IPC


     Period 6 - IPC


     Period 7 - IPC


     Period 8 - Physics



      4:20-5:30 UIL practice, room S205
     In my courses, I have a few goals:
       1. That students get everything they need to be successful in the future.  This mainly
          consists of being able to think for themselves, and come up with reasonable
          explanations and descriptions for what happens around them.  But I also want
          them to be prepared for college and LIFE.
       2. That students go away from my class with a strong sense of self-worth, without
           having had things handed to them on a platter.
       3. I want students to KNOW that their future mostly depends ON THEM, and not their
          past.  Its not about where you come from, or how smart or beautiful you are:  its
          what you want bad enough to WORK for that counts.
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