• Selena Vega
    Selena Vega
    Anatomy and Physiology
    (817)306-0914 ext. 8511
                                                 This year I will be teaching Anatomy& Physiology which is the study of the structure and function of the body parts.
    Mrs. Vega's Schedule
    Room A-213
    2016-2017 school year
     1st period    Department Chair
     2nd period   Anatomy & Physiology
     3rd period    Anatomy & Physiology
     4th period    Anatomy & Physiology
     5th period         LUNCH    
     6th period    Anatomy & Physiology
     7th period    Anatomy & Physiology 
     8th period    CONFERENCE 
    Students that enter this class will be held responsible for learning the subject matter.  They will be provided an opportunity to engage in experiments/labs activities using process skills that are relevant to the real world.  They will be encouraged to try the unthinkable, develop a work ethic, and perfect their organizational skills while maintaining a safe and respectful learning environment.