• Bienvenidos a la clase de español.
    Welcome to Spanish class.
    Mexican dancers
                Sra. Womack 
              SPANISH 2, 4AP, 5PAP, 5AP
     Tues, Thursday-  after school 4:30 - 5:30
     Only by appointment for other days of the week
    What should you expect from Spanish Class?
     Spanish 2
    Student should expect to be immersed in the language in speaking, listening, reading, and writing.   We will learn cultural information and take steps to develop the basic and intermediate skills of learning language.  Students should expect to practice often in and outside of the classroom.  We will try a variety of approaches to accomplish these goals.  Technology is one of the key components to learning, so electronic devices will be used for educational practice.  Students are encouraged to bring their own devices that they can use with teacher discretion.
    What should you expect from Advanced Level Courses?
    Language Courses
    Students should expect full immersion in the Spanish in speaking, listening, reading, and writing and should anticipate strengthening their interdisciplinary knowledge of other content courses in Spanish.   You should expect to work independently and collaboratively at home and in the class to develop a strong base of vocabulary and skills.   There are websites available for student use and it is expected that students will turn in homework class projects online.  Students are encouraged to bring their own electronic device to be utilized for educational purposes in the classroom. 
    Literature Courses 
    Students should expect full immersion in Spanish in speaking, listening, reading, and writing and should anticipate strengthening their analytical skills and global awareness through literary analysis and historical studies.   Students should read daily both in class and at home to fully grasp the intent of the literature and to be successful in the course.   Students are encouraged to bring their own electronic device to be utilized in the class for research and educational purposes.
    How does a student approach an advanced level course? 
    Here are some suggestions to help all students succeed:

    All students should come to class ready to learn and never lose sight of the following:
    • Prepare in advance work that is asked of you.
    • Collaborate with other students.
    • Come to tutorials before you get behind.   
    • Do not get discouraged.  Learning a language has different stages and many times students must work through challenges as they begin to acquire listening and speaking skills. 
    • Take notes in class.
    • Use your strengths.  There are 5 aspects to learning the language: communication (listening, reading, writing, speaking, and culture).  Some speak well but need support in writing, others write well and need support in speaking and listening.  We are here to work together to accomplish our goals.


    What are the benefits of learning a World Language?:

    Pre-AP and AP courses in a world language are designed to prepare students for college and build  the confidence needed to be successful in high school, college, and  real world experiences.  Some of the advantages of learning a new language are:

    •   Students may receive college credit if they are successful on the AP test.  Check with your college or university.
    •   The rigor of the AP courses put students in a position to clep out of courses  at the university level.
    •   Pre-Ap and AP courses prepare students to be lifelong learners and successful in real world experiences. 
    •  Learning a new language is fun and great for the brain.  

    What do I need for class?
    Spanish II, IV, Pre AP V, AP V
    Supplies needed for Spanish are:
    Folders with pockets and brads.
    Pens, Pencils, Highlighters, and Dry Erase Markers
    1 Box of individually wrapped alcohol wipes
    Spanish-English Dictionary or word reference.com phone app
    Access to a computer
    Online tools and websites:

    Quizlet website

     When do we meet?
    Class schedule:
     9:05 - 9:55
    Department chair   Spanish 2 Lunch  Spanish 5AP
     Spanish 4AP
    Spanish 5PAP
    Spanish 2 Spanish 2
     If you have any questions or concerns please contact me:
    Email: lwomack@ems-isd.net Phone: 817-306-0914
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