• Prairie Vista Choir
    Mr. Bailey playing ukelele
     Mr. Bailey playing the ukelele.
    Class Schedule
    1st Period: Advanced Coyotes
    2nd Period: Concert Men
    3rd Period: Beginning Coyotes
    4th Period: Bel Canto
    5th Period: Conference
    6th Period: PRIDE
    7th Period: Concert Women
    8th Period: Beginning Coyotes
                                                                                                         Room D112
    Welcome to Prairie Vista Middle School Choir! We are so excited about the 2016-2017 school year! We look forward to having fun with all of our students and of course making beautiful music!

    The goal of PVMS Choir is to produce quality performances in a fun and cooperative atmosphere.

    PVMS Choir has 6 ensembles: Beginning Coyotes Choir, Advanced Coyotes Choir, Concert Women’s Choir, Concert Men's Choir, and the Bel Canto Treble Choir. Students work hard daily to improve their music reading skills, vocal skills and cooperation. We have a tradition of excellence at Prairie Vista and work to uphold that each day.

    Please like our Facebook page “Prairie Vista MS Choirs” and find us on Charms for more information and weekly calendar updates. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any questions or concerns throughout the year.

    Looking forward to a fantastic year in Coyote Country!

    “It’s a GREAT day, to be a Coyote!”



    ·     Follow directions the first time.

    ·     Keep all hands, feet, and objects to yourself.

    ·     All edible and drinkable items are put away.

    ·     Ask for permission to touch the piano, laptop, sound equipment, class phone, to go into the office, and to leave your spot on the riser.

    ·     Cell Phones are turned off and put away.

    ·     All verbal and non-verbal communication must be appropriate and positive.

    Matthew Bailey                                    M'lissa Smith                           
    Head Choir Director                              Associate Choir Director 
    mbailey01@ems-isd.net                         msmith@ems-isd.net
                                     Jacquelyn Miller
                                     Private Voice Lesson Teacher