• Geocaching with Students

    Geocaching provides a great way to introduce or reinforce concepts to students in an interactive and exciting environment.

    Geocaching on your Campus
    We have taken a model from the real world of geocaching (www.geocaching.com) and applied it to the school setting where students can use GPS units to find "caches" on their campus grounds that contain clues or questions that they must answer. For more information please contact your campus IT. We'll be more than happy to help you turn your lesson into a interactive geocaching activity!

    Travel Bugs

    View the progress of our very first Travel Bug to introduce to the world...Dino Disk!

    Geocaching with the GPS units is a little too advanced for our young students, but they can certainly still participate through the use of Travel Bugs.

    What is a Travel Bug?
    Well it's an item that is tagged with an official Travel Bug tag that makes it trackable.

    How it works...
    Once a Travel Bug is made, it has to be activated on www.geocaching.com. You name your Travel Bug, and set a goal for it (ex. travel to all 50 states, travel 10,000 miles, visit 15 different states, etc...). It's also nice to add a picture of your bug =) When you activate your bug geocaching.com will provide you with a tracking code for your bug. Share this code with anyone that you want to see the travel of your bug.  To get your Travel Bug moving, find a cache nearby through www.geocaching.com and place your bug in the cache (be sure to log that is there on geocaching.com)

    Need more information?
    For more information about geocaching in general, visit www.geocaching.com and click "Getting Started".

    For more information about Travel Bugs go to www.geocaching.com and click on "Trackables" then go to "Travel Bug Home".

    To request to do a Geocaching Lesson, login to Eduphoria and then click Form Space.  Create a new request in the bottom left corner and complete the form.