• What is NJHS?

    Membership in the Prairie Vista Middle School Chapter of NJHS is both an honor and a responsibility. Members are selected by the Faculty Selection Committee for membership, due to their demonstration of superior qualities in the areas of scholarship, service, leadership and character.
    As a selected member in good standing, you are expected to continue to demonstrate, develop, and strengthen these qualities through your participation in chapter service projects, activities, and meetings.

    Your Rights:

    ·       To receive recognition from the school & community.
    ·       To wear the pin, sash, etc bearing the insignia of the NJHS.
    ·       To a fair hearing, by the Faculty Committee, before action may be taken against your membership.

    Your Responsibilities:

    ·       To enroll in & remain in a fully academic curriculum.
    Maintain a 3.5 G.P.A per semester.
    To attend regular & special meetings.
    To participate in NJHS fundraising & special projects.
    To actively demonstrate & develop qualities of leadership, service and character.