Mrs. Foley
    Mary Ann Foley, Resource, Content Mastery, Reading
    9th through 12th; Room C5
    (817) 238-7925 ext. 6427 
    Conference Period: 2:46 - 3:36
    This is my seventeenth tenth year of teaching, all at Watson. I look forward every year to working with my returning and new students. As a resource and content mastery teacher I have the opportunity to work with students in all subject areas. I love the challenge of tackling the many disciplines and helping my students do the same.            
    By choosing to come to our school our students have made a CHOICE to be successful. Good character, honesty, on-task behaviors, integrity, control-of-self, and setting expectations are the keys to student success.
    Mrs. Keefer is the paraprofession in our classroom. She came to us in the 2016-2017 school year. She has been a great addition to our staff.
    Mrs. Keefer
    Always feel free to call (817 238-7925 ext. 6427) or email me with any questions or concerns. I welcome your involvement and input. 
    Follow this link to view curriculum letters:  http://www.emsisd.com/Page/32390 . You will find district generated curriculum letters to help keep you informed about what students will be studying. Due to the fact that our campus is an alternative setting, your student may not be addressing the same objectives at the same time as other campuses. However, we will address all objectives.