Welcome to 6th Grade Literature and English!!
                              Albert Dock
    Phone:  817-237-9631
    Daily Conference Time:   Period 6 (1:06 - 1:52)
    Tutorials: 7:45-8:15  


    Grading Policy 

    Please support me in making sure students put forth their best effort.

    Thank you!
    60% Summative grades (tests, projects, final essays, research papers, etc.)
    40% Formative grades (classwork, homework, quizzes, journals, etc.)

    Late Work: (Campus and District Supported)

    For Minor Grades:

    1 day late = -15 points off

    2 days late= -30 points off

    3 days late= -40 points off

    No work is accepted after 3 school days, and a zero will be recorded in the grade book.

    Minor grades cannot be corrected.

    For Major Grades:
    -10 points for every day late
    Major grades can be corrected within 3 days of being posted to Skyward.