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    Kristen Jernigan, MS Ed.

    Subject(s):   Forensic Science
    Phone:   817.306-1925
    Conference:   12:45-1:30
    Room Number:   A111
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    Welcome to Forensic Science!
    This is going to be a great year and we are going to learn some very interesting (and gross) things!  There are no mandatory fees or uniforms for Forensic Science.  We do have a competition team for crime scene investigation and there are fees associated with that.  Please contact me in September if you are interested in trying out for our team.
    Course Assignments and Updates will be in Canvas.
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    Class Schedule:
    1st-2nd Period |Accelerated Forensic Science
    3rd Period | Forensic Science
    5th Conference
     6th Period | Forensic Science
     7th-8th Period Accelerated Forensic Science