Procedures for Student Drop-Off and Pick-Up

    We work very hard each year to help our students understand there are rules and procedures that must be followed every day. We appreciate your cooperation in following these rules and procedures as well!


    Students should be dropped off at the front door in the morning.  These doors will be unlocked at 7:05.  Please do not drop-off before this time. Those arriving before 7:25 will report to their designated areas (cafeteria for breakfast or hallway beside the classroom door).

    Buses will use the drive in back of the school for drop-off each day.  Please do not use this drive in the morning.


    Car-riders should be picked up at the back of the building. All students not riding a bus or walking home will be dismissed from this area.  You will be asked to display your child’s name on your visor each afternoon.   These visor cards will be provided by your child’s teacher and are extremely important in facilitating a speedy pick-up.  Please be aware this is a one way drive. Another reminder: there is a “no left turn” sign posted for this drive during pick-up time, so you may find it easier to go all the way to Huffines and approach the school from the opposite end of Westgate.

    Bus riders will be picked up in the loop at the far west end of the building. This drive is for buses only.

    Students who ride with a daycare will be dismissed through the front doors each afternoon. 

    Walkers and bike riders will be dismissed through the exit by the gym in order to provide easier access to the sidewalk. If you are in a vehicle, please do not park in the front of the school or along Westgate/Gavalin and ask that your child be released as a walker (the number of parents doing this has increased every year; doing this interrupts the flow of traffic and is very dangerous).  Parent pick-up is in the back of the school.  If you are coming into the building to pick up your child, you will always be required to show your ID. Reminder: we will not dismiss between 2:20 – 2:40.

    ***If you walk up to meet your child in the afternoon, please form a line along the wall beside the gym door.  The teachers on duty will call for your student(s) one at a time.

    Thank you for your cooperation in helping us to dismiss our students in a safe and orderly manner.

    ***On days when the weather is extremely wet, all of the front doors will be open for drop-off.  There will be monitors at each door.