It's going to be a great year in choir! Check out our other links for dates, lesson plans, class schedule and info about your director Mrs. Phillips. Welcome to the Wayside Wildcat Choirs!
    Tenor Bass Choir:
    Lance P. - 7th Chair
    Mason M. - 10th Chair
    Jimmy A. - 36th Chair

    Honor Treble:
    Ashlyn B. - 1st Chair
    Ashlyn P. - 2nd Chair

    Select Treble:
    Peyton Mc. - 9th Chair
    Keely K. - 13th Chair
    Hailey A. - 14th Chair
    Madisen B. - 14th Chair
    Nora Z. - 16th Chair
    Arely S. - 17th Chair
    Mary Jane Phillips
    817-232-0543 ext. 5125
    Choir Room
    1st - Beginning Girls
    2nd - Advanced Girls
    3rd - Advanced Boys
    4th - assist with Intermediate Girls
    5th - lunch duty
    6th - conference
    7th - Intermediate Boys
    8th - Beginning Boys
    We are very proud of everyone who auditioned for Region Choir today! WMS had more students selected to All-Region Choir this year than at any time in the known history of the WMS Choir Department! Congratulations to students listed below who were selected for Region Choir:
    Honor Treble  - Hailey A. - Soprano 2 - 7th chair
                           Lavernie O. - Alto - 8th chair
    Select Treble - Ashlyn B. - Soprano 2 - 11th chair
                           Madisen B. -  Soprano 2 - 12th chair
                           Arely S. - Soprano 2 - 16th chair
                           Kyrstin M. -  16th chair
    Honor Tenor-Bass - Lance P. - Tenor 1- 10th chair
                                  Gunner F. - Tenor 2 - 13th chair
                                  Harley M. - Tenor 2- 15th chair
                                  Riley C. - Tenor 2 - 21st chair
                                  Liam F. -  Tenor 2 - 25th chair
                                  Aaron S. - Bass - 25th chair
                                  Caleb P. - Tenor 2 - 29th chair
                                  Mason M. - Tenor 1 - 15th chair
    If alternates are called up, they will know by Friday, Nov. 4. All-Region students will sing in the Region Choir Clinic and Concert on Saturday, Nov. 5 at Chisholm Trail HS. Information will go home Monday about this event. Thanks to everyone for your hard work - we are proud of you!
    Mrs. Phillips, Mrs. Corley and Mrs. Porter
    Director - Mary Jane Phillips
    817-232-0543 ext 5125
    Conference Time -12:20-1:05 pm
    The choir room is Room #60