• Please click here to access detailed information from our principal regarding Arrival and Dismissal Procedures.
    • The school doors open at 7:10 each day and students are to be in their classroom at 7:25. Students are counted tardy at 7:35.
    • Students will report either to the cafeteria, front hallway, or grade-level hallway (as assigned) where they will wait for their teachers to come pick them up.  If your child is eating breakfast, they will report to the Cafeteria first.  After breakfast, or if your child will not be eating breakfast, Kindergarten through Fifth Grade students will be reporting to their grade-level hallways outside their teachers' rooms.


    • School is dismissed by 2:40 p.m. each day. Further information about dismissal can be found by clicking here
    Tardy/Absence Policy
    • Students are counted tardy at 7:35 a.m., this is the official beginning of the school day and must get a tardy pass from the office before going to class.
    • A student absent from school shall provide a written parent note or a doctor’ s note that describes the reason for absence. The note shall be signed by the student's parent or guardian. This notification should be provided within 24 hours of a students arrival back to campus.
    • Parents are permitted to provide written documentation to the school to excuse a student’s absence. Excessive parent notes for student illness may result in required physician notes in order to excuse future absences. This will be reviewed on an individual basis.