• Picture Coach Page - United States History

    Room - A125 

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    Welcome to my web page!  It is currently under construction so there will be updates to the page frequently. Please be patient with the site as it will be a new adventure for all of us.  Hopefully you will find it helpful!


    Course Description: This year-long class will survey American History from Reconstruction to the present, with a brief review of Pre-Civil War American History


     Vision Statement: This class will work together as a team.  Our team goal is to further your learning n U.S. History and each student is a member of this team.  The success of our team is contingent upon the creative and intellectual success of each student.  The foundation of our team is the idea of mutual respect.  This is not an inalienable right given at birth but is something that is earned.  To be successful throughout our lives we must earn the respect of our peers.  Gaining this is not an easy task but takes integrity, honesty, hard work and compassion. 


    T  together - We will all make this class a safe and effective learning environment

    E  effort - Do your best, sit up and take notes, follow instructions

    A  activity - 100% participation, no less will be accepted

    M  maturity - You are all in High School, higher learning must have higher expectations