• Why Debate

    Aside from bolstering the confidence of its members, Debate instills in its members a sense of purpose, ingrains in its members the core tenants of leadership, enshrines in its members an understanding of and appreciation for our civic institutions, and equips its members to be successful in each of these pursuits, creating individuals likely to comprise in no small degree the next generations of leaders.

    Advocacy, whether for oneself or the issues about which one is passionate, is an essential skill, not just in the workplace, but in social settings as well. Companies are always looking for someone with soft skills (the ability to persuade others, negotiate, etc.) and debate both teaches and hones those skills. No matter what you wish to do in life, the ability to clearly articulate your ideas, to detect flaws in the reasoning of others, and arrive at solutions based on those factors, is essential to success in life.

    But lofty (yet true) notions aside, it should also be stressed that those in the Speech and Debate Club have non negligible amounts of fun. Whether it’s playing games during down time at tournaments, or sharing a laugh at the absurdity of a brief during practice, though you will indubitably be exposed to new perspectives, and must at times either challenge or set aside your own, everything is done with the utmost priority put on respect and acceptance, creating a safe, and incredibly fun atmosphere.

    Possibly the most fun, educational, and transformative activity you’ll participate in during high school, vote in Affirmation of the Resolution: Join the Speech and Debate Club!