• Welcome to the CTHS Fishing Club
    Come here often for Fishing Club updates.
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    Mr. Montya is your 2017-2018 Fishing Club Sponsor.
    Feel free anytime to share your spectacular catch, stories, latest lures, or if you just need 
    Bring your poles and a passion for fishing!
    Update your tackle box and you need plenty of hooks.
    Questions - come by room 210 and see Mr. Montya. 
    We fish on Fridays at 6:45am. See you at the lake!
    We meet the first Friday of every month at 8 am in room 210.
    All other Fridays we meet at the lake at 6:45 am and fish until 8 am.
    Everyone is welcome!
    If you do not have equipment, it will be provided. 
    Please join remind 101 by texting @anglers to 817-591-7866.