• I am excited about the new year at Chisholm Trail High School.  Prior to joining the exceptional CTHS staff, I was at Ed Wilkie MS and before that I was a math and science teacher at Springtown ISD. I was also a business owner and a professional engineer. I hope to share my private sector experiences with my students and enrich their learning experience.
     We will be focusing on the Reasoning aspect of Algebraic Reasoning and build an understanding of the "Why" in math, not just the what. I am available for tutorials MWF at 8:00 am.
    My conference time is  11:50 to 12:40, but I am usually at the school by 7:15 and would be glad to meet with you to map out an exciting year for 2017-2018.
    My email address is dkaiser@ems-isd.net and I can be reached through the school switchboard at extension 7191. My room number is 811