Naturalization Test Study Guide
                      JONATHAN WHITE
                    Twitter: @MrWhiteWMS
       Greetings! I am absolutely thrilled to work in a job where
    I have the opportunity to meet and get to know so many amazing
    young people. I am excited about the 2017-2018 school year in which
    I will be committed to helping students succeed and grow as human
    beings. Please browse the information below and feel free to contact
    me with any questions or concerns.
    Duties at Wayside:
    8th Grade U.S. History
    Social Studies Department Head
    Youth & Government Club
    Boys' Soccer Coach
    Cross Country Coach
    Contact Info:
    Phone: 817-232-0541
    Room #11
    Conference: 3rd Period 10:05-10:50am
    Mornings: 7:00-8:18am
    **Or by appointment as needed 
    Bachelor of Arts (Louisiana State University)
       Major/Minor: Political Science and History
    Master of Theology (Dallas Theological Seminary)
       Emphasis: Philosophical Theology
    1st Period:  U.S. History 
    2nd Period: PreAP U.S. History
    3rd Period:  Conference
    4th Period:  PreAP U.S. History
    5th Period:  PreAP U.S. History
    6th Period:  Soccer 7 
    7th Period:  Soccer 8
    8th Period:  U.S. History