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    The Boswell Rugby club began in the Spring of 2014. Ironically it wasn't your typical group to start a rugby club. The founding members were all student athletes and all girls. The faculty sponsor, Mrs. Nash-Blasingame, was excited to get this program off the ground.  In the Spring of 2015, Mrs. Baker stepped in to help sponsor the group as well and has continued to do so and is continuing to work to promote the club and the sport. The current sponsor roster still includes Mrs. Baker but now includes Ms. Thomas and Mr. King.

    The Boswell Rugby Club is affiliated with the Eagle Mountain Rugby Club.  This allows players from neighboring schools to participate with the Boswell students during games and tournaments.  In addition to the Boswell teams, Eagle Mountain Rugby Club has a 5th/6th grade team and a middle school team.  

    We have a JV and a Varsity boys team and a girls team. There are several incoming freshman from Wayside Middle School and surrounding schools that played with Eagle Mountain Rugby last year that will be helping to build the teams.


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