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    6th Grade Pre-Athletics
         My goal for 6th grade pre-athletics is to teach our student athletes sound fundamental skills, techniques and sportsmanship that will enable him the best opportunity to compete and succeed at the next level.
         In addition, we will be promoting a high standard of excellence and achievement both in the classroom and on the field of play.  We expect our student / athletes to conduct themselves as positive role models and be the best well behaved students in our school.  By practicing these concepts today, I feel that our student / athletes will see future rewards as they pursue their athletic goals and dreams.
         Our goal in this class is to support our academic athletes by providing a comprehensive skill development program combined with weekly journaling ... thus strengthening their academics.
    Athletic areas of emphasis include:
        1.  Team sports concepts
        2.  Weight training and body conditioning
        3.  Cardiovascular and endurance training
        4.  Agility and balance training 
        * Most of all we want our 6th grade athletes to have fun and believe in themselves as they gain confidence through sports.
    I look forward to the school year and working with these great young athletes ... to be.
    Thanks You,
    Logan Harben
    WMS - Boys Athletic Coordinator / Head Football 
    email: wharben@ems-isd.net
    817-781-0117 - Cell