The Gold Standard is a great opportunity for students to maintain academic standards, perform community service, establish leadership, and develop into good citizens. Students have the opportunity to create a presence that is completely of their design and are able to seek out areas of community need that are currently not being addressed and be the trailblazers in providing for those needs. 

    The requirements for membership begin with an 85.000 cumulative GPA. Students should see their counselor to determine their current GPA. The remaining requirements for membership include completion of twelve (12) hours of community service in the previous nine months, evidence of leadership, and high moral philosophy. We ask you to provide evidence of these requirements in the membership application.

    If selected for membership, sophomores will have the opportunity to participate as officers. All members are expected to uphold the requirements of membership by maintaining their GPA at no less than 85.000, attending monthly meetings, participating in club events to accumulate 15 club hours throughout the school year, and participating in community service on their own to accumulate an additional 15 hours throughout the school year. 

    For information on applying, please see the Applying for Membership.