• Dustin Bassow, LCSW  
     Dustin Bassow, LCSW
    Intervention Counselor
    Creekview Middle School
    817-237-4261  x 5306
    Wayside Middle School
    817-232-0541  x5173
    The Crisis Intervention Counseling Program is a school-based process designed to assist students and their families by removing barriers that may interfere with student learning.  The key elements include identification, screening, intervention, and support.  Crisis Intervention Counselors collaborate with families to provide specialized services to students who are experiencing emotional, social, and/or physical problems.  When appropriate, Crisis Intervention Counselors connect families with community resources and support students as they transition from community-based mental health treatment centers.  The goals of this program are to help students achieve their fullest academic potential, improve the school environment, and to recognize and promote resiliency.
    Referrals to the Crisis Intervention Counselor may be initiated by students, parents, or school staff.  All referrals are confidential, but parental involvement is encouraged in all levels of intervention.