• Mrs. Lauren Jack, M.S., CCC-SLP

    Speech-Language Pathologist (Speech Therapy)

    Room A7


    (817) 306-8007 ext. 3609



    What is Speech Therapy and Who is Eligible for Services?

    School speech-language pathologists work under the special education umbrella. They treat students with educationally relevant speech impairments, such as difficulty with:

    • pronouncing sounds so that they can be understood by others (articulation disorders)
    • identifying or describing meaningful relationships between vocabulary (semantic language disorders)
    • combining words to follow the rules of grammar (syntactic language disorders)
    • noticing and using shared rules of social communication in the absence of behavioral issues (pragmatic language disorders)
    • stuttering (fluency disorders)
    • managing vocal problems when they have first been identified by a doctor (voice disorders)

    Many children experience age-appropriate difficulties with communication, but if you believe your child has severe problems which are affecting classroom performance, contact his or her teacher. If the teacher has similar concerns and has not had success addressing any difficulties in the classroom through RTI, (s)he can start a referral process for special education services. This requires an FIE indicating your student has one of the above disorders affecting their classroom performance.


    Scheduling and Meetings

    Speech Therapy at High Country is provided Monday-Thursday. Students are scheduled based on services and minutes documented in their IEP.

    You will be contacted to set up your child's Annual ARD meeting as well as any other meetings as necessary. Parent Conferences are by appointment only. High Country has designated Tuesday as "ARD day" and every effort will be made to schedule meetings on this day. In general, teacher's conference times (and thus ARD meeting availability) are as follows:

    • 8:35-9:25 3rd grade
    • 9:30-10:20 5th grade
    • 10:25-11:15 4th grade
    • (11:20-11:50 lunch)
    • 11:55-12:45 1st grade
    • 12:50-1:40 2nd grade
    • 1:45-2:35 Kinder


    The ABCs of Special Education

    What do all the acronyms mean?

    • RTI = Response to Intervention. These are services provided to address concerns in the classroom and typically occur before special education is considered.
    • FIE = Full and Individual Evaluation. This is testing required to determine if a student is eligible for special education services.
    • IEP = Individual Educational Plan. This is your student's plan that includes classroom modifications/accommodations when needed, goals of therapy, and the schedule they will follow. 
    • ARD Committee Meeting = Admission, Review, and/or Dismissal meeting. This is a meeting between you, school administration, and your students general and special education teachers where their academic decisions (documented in their IEP) are made as a committee.
    • SI = Speech Impairment. This is the eligibility code that allows a student to receive speech therapy at school.