• My sister and I   
      My name is Alisandra Montemayor and I am very excited to be here at Prairie Vista Middle School. I was raised in a fairly large family, which was awesome to grow up in. I was fortunate enough to go to the same college as my twin sister, where I was able to watch all of her home Volleyball matches at Texas A&M International University in Laredo, Texas. Aside from watching my twin play, I also earned my degree. I graduated with a Bachelors in Science, majoring in Kinesology, and with a support area in History. I know middles school is an important time in a young learners life. I plan to be positive and encouraging teacher in their lives. Listed below will be my daily schedule and contact information. Feel free to contact me by phone or email.
    1st Period -  8:25-9:10 Content Mastery 
    2nd Period - 9:15-10:05 Conference
    3rd Period - 10;10-10:55 Content Mastery
    4th Period - 11:00-11:45 Co-Teach Math
    5th Period - 11:50-12:35 Co-Teach ELA
    LUNCH TIME! 12:35- 1:05
    6th Period - 1:10-1:45 PRIDE
    7th Period - 1:50-2:40 Co-Teach Math
    8th Period - 2:45-3:30 Content Mastery