• Welcome to Mr. Gray's 6th grade Language Arts and Reading class!

    Contact info:
    Name: Socorro Gray
    Subject: English Language Arts and Reading
    Email: sgray@ems-isd.net
    Phone: 817.237.9631   
    Conference time: 4th Period (11:29-12:14)
    Class schedule:
    1st period:    LIT                    (8:25-9:10)
    2nd period:  LIT                    (9:14-10:02)
    3rd period:   LIT                   (10:06-10:51)
    Lunch                                       (10:51-11:25)
    Conference                             (11:29-12:14)
    5th period:    LIT                   (12:18-1:03)
    6th period:    ELA                 (1:07-1:52)
    7th period:    ELA                 (1:56-2:41)
    8th period:    ELA                 (2:45-3:30)