• Welcome to Mr. Mayhan's class. I teach Technology Ed, Principals of Applied Engineering, and Foundations.

    A bit about me: I have always loved knowing how things work, sparking an interest in technology and design that makes teaching these classes immensely rewarding for me. This is my 3rd year in EMSID. Prior to starting a career in education, I worked as a children's and then youth minister before becoming a senior pastor. While getting my education in that field, I worked numerous construction and manufacturing jobs, and started a small computer company. My hobbies include RC aircraft and off road trucks, fishing, and nature hikes with my daughter.

    Get in touch: emayhan@ems-isd.net or call during my conference (817) 237-9631

    Tutorials: Every morning except Tuesday, and every afternoon except Tuesday and Wednesday.

    My Schedule

    1st Period: 8:25-9:10 Principals of Applied Engineering 8th grade

    2nd Period: 9:14-19:02 Foundations 8th Grade

    3rd Period: 10:06010:51 Foundations 8th Grade

    4th Period: 10:55-11:40 Principals of Applied Engieering 8th Grade

    Lunch (7th grade schedule) 11:40-12:14

    5th Period: 12:18-1:03 Tech Ed 7th Grade

    6th Period: 1:07-1:52 Foundations 8th Grade

    7th Period: 1:56-2:41 Conference

    8th Period: 2:45-3:30 Tech Ed 7th Grade

    Teaching Philosophy: I believe good education prepares young minds for the challenges and expectations of the adult working world. As such, I have high expectations for student effort and behavior, adjusted for the abilities of middle school students. I expect students to be eager to learn, exhibit self-control, and to contribute positively to the learning environment. My tech ed and engineering clases include a large shop element where student work with tools to build projects, often on teams. Safety is the primary concern there as it would be in any industrial environment, so I am particularly strict about safety procedures and safe behavior in those classes. In Foundations, the expectations are similar but focused on academics and personal development. I expect all students to come ready to be productive every day, whether that is getting homework done or studying on our two "work on work" days or contributing meaningfully to our guided classroom discussions 3 times a week. I do everything in my ability to make the classroom a safe and inviting place for students who want to do quality work, and to guide those who don't to change their thinking. My overall goal in teaching is to have students emerge from my classes at the end of the year aware of their opportunities and willing to do what it takes to realize them.