• Welcome to 4th grade 

    I am so excited to be at Comanche Springs this year teaching 4th grade! This is my first year being a Spur and my tenth year of teaching. 

    I attended Abilene Christian University where I received my degree in elementary education. While there, I had the opportunity to teach English in China at an elementary school. It was an amazing experience and truly opened my eyes as to how blessed we are to receive the type of education we do in the United States.

    If you ever have any questions or concerns please feel free to email or call the office.

    Thank you so much for giving me the oppertunity to teach your amazing, hard-working, unique child. 



    Michelle Jennings


    Contact Information

    Email: mjennings@ems-isd.net

    Conference: 10:35-11:25

    School phone #: 817-847-8700


    My schedule:

    8:00- 10:30 FIRST CLASS- Nicholson’s HR

    10:35- 11:25- kids are at rotation/ my conference time

    11:25-12:30- SECOND CLASS- Jennings’s HR

    12:35- 1:35- LUNCH/ RECESS

    1:35-2:40- SECOND CLASS- Jennings’s HR

    2:40- Dismiss


    Things you may not know…

    • Students may be dropped off at 7:05 and enter the gym until they are released to class.
    • They can bring a HEALTHY snack to school.
    • In my classroom I DO NOT give homework UNLESS your child chose not to do it in class. They work so hard in school and I would prefer that time be set aside for family time. J
    • Every Friday we have an assembly in the gym starting at 7:35 and parents are welcome to come.