• Welcome to the Chisholm Ridge Elementary School Clinic

     Your Chisholm Ridge Elementary clinic is here to provide basic first aid and healthcare for your student. This may include services such as diabetes management and specialized health procedures. Our goal at Health Services is to help students maintain optimal health for optimal learning. We strive to keep your students in class, but if they visit the clinic and are found to be in need of further care we will notify you promptly. Please do your best to ensure that your contact information and your student's health information is kept up to date. All health service forms can be found on the Health Services page of the district website.


    EMS ISD requires new Dr. orders/prescriptions every year for 
    Epi-pens, inhalers, and any medical treatments or medications required during school hours.
    Basic first aid and health care that may include diabetes maintenance and other specialized healthcare procedures are available at our schools. It is the parent or guardian’s duty to arrange care for sick children promptlyAn up-to-date health record, which includes immunizations, screening results, and other pertinent medical data, is maintained on each student. Each parent should keep the school and the registered nurse informed yearly about any special medical information that would be important should the student have a medical emergency that needs attention. To keep information updated, a Student Health Information Form should be completed by the parent/guardian each year. All current Health Service forms may be found on the Health Services webpage.


    It is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to provide current telephone numbers where they or alternate adults can be reached.
    Thank you.


    Lesa Robertson RN

    817-232-0715, Ext. 3811 

    Clinic hours 7:35 am to 2:40 pm.