• Chisholm Trail High School

    Professional Learning Communities

    Our Response to Student Learning

    1.     What do we expect our students to learn?        (Goals/Expectations)

    ·         Building and Class Expectations                                      

    ·         Teach learning expectations/targets

    ·         Utilize rigor and relevance into lessons

    ·         Meet or exceed in all curricular areas required by the state such as, TEKS, benchmarks, and readiness and supporting standards at grade level or above grade level.

    ·         Cross curricular vocabulary building

    ·         Marzano vocabulary strategies

    ·         Project/Writing Rubrics

    ·         Predicting, Imaging, Inferring, Questioning, Summarizing, Connecting

    ·         Teacher unit and yearly academic and professional goals

    ·         Increased vocabulary in all academic/elective areas                             

    ·         Writing in all academic areas

    ·         Socialization Skills

    ·         Communication skills – Verbal/Written

    ·         Application, Analysis, and Synthesis of learning

    ·         Technology: Office Tools, Presentation Software, internet safety and appropriate use

    ·         Cooperative Learning Skills

    ·         Organizational Skills

    ·         Personal Responsibility

    ·         Text Analysis

    2.     How will we know they are learning?                   (Assessment)

    ·         Grades                                                                  

    ·         Teacher’s Observations

    ·         Formative/Summative/Common Assessments                           

    ·         Student Reflections/Journals

    ·         District Assessments

    ·         Out the Door assessments

    ·         Semester Exams/Report Cards

    ·         Unit/Weekly Test/Quizzes

    ·         Pre/Post Test

    ·         Rubric/Checklist

    ·         Item Analysis

    ·         Fluency Checks

    ·         Data Item Analysis

    ·         Student work/evaluations

    ·         Student’s Personal Data Collecting                        

    ·         Class participation

    ·         Progress Monitoring

    ·         Socratic Seminars


    3.     How will we respond when they don’t learn?        (Intervention)

    ·         Differentiated Instruction

    ·         Target Specific Skills

    ·         Small Group Instruction

    ·         Current Blooms Taxonomy

    ·         Graphic Organizers/Thinking Maps

    ·         Hands- On Learning                                                                       

    ·         Parent Input   

    ·         Morning/Afternoon Tutorials

    ·         Lunch Tutoring- Ranger Review Time

    ·         Flexible Grouping

    ·         Teacher Shared Strategies

    ·         Co-teaching

    ·         Additional Time

    ·         Reassess major assignments per district policy

    ·         Continual parent contact with partnership input

    ·         Written response/verbal discussion


     Response to Intervention   (RtI)

    a.       Small Group Instruction 

    b.      Tiered Group Instruction (Tier II, Tier III)

    c.       1 -1

    d     Re-teach with different methods

    e.      Modify – backtrack, build back ground knowledge

    f.       Tutoring: before/after school or lunch tutor with teacher

    g.      Credit Recovery

    h.      Referral to CARE team (student – teacher; peer –peer)


    4.     How will we respond if they already know it?      

    ·         Extension Assignments

    ·         Choice Assignments

    ·         Technology Research

    ·         Cluster Partners

    ·         Free reading                                      

    ·         United Streaming                                           

    ·         Educational Games

    ·         Group leaders

    ·         Peer Tutoring

    ·         Independent Projects



    5.     CTHS Trail of Success

    ·        CTHS is closing the gaps on student learning

    ·        Every teacher at CTHS has committed to reaching every student and their individual needs of learning

    ·        CTHS staff is committed to analyzing data on a daily basis to determine the best interventions for students to assist them in succeeding.