Interactive Whiteboard Resources
    Getting Started - Some installs may require a computer restart.
    • Install the eInstruction Workspace for Windows software (T drive > Staff > Technology)
    • Install the eInstruction Workspace Content software (T drive > Staff > Technology) 
    • Install the Ladibug software for your document camera (T drive > Staff > Technology) 
    • Download and install SMART Notebook Express 3.0 Software
    You've Gotta Try These ...
    Great Collections of IWB Resources
    • Triptico Download a set of applications to use with your Interactive Whiteboard. This includes Word Magnets (with Thinking Map Templates), timers, randomizers and easy game templates to create learning activities for students.
    • PBS Kids (mostly PK-2) 
    • Scholastic IWB
    • TeachHUB IWB
    • Interactive Whiteboard Gems (This collection was put together by Lisa Simmons - great resources!)

    Smart Notebook Files

    Want more lesson idea resources?
    You will need to create free accounts for each of the following:
    • eiCommunity - free resources, blogs, best practices suggestions, etc.
    • SMART Exchange - find, preview, and download over 50,000 classroom-ready resources. Use these files with a SMARTboard or with SMART Notebook Express 3.0 software