Welcome to Mrs. Boen's U.S. History/ Pre-Ap History class or 7th grade Texas History class at CMS.
    This year is wonderful and so much fun!  I love history, and one of my goals is to instill some of this passion in my students!!  At the very least, I want them to leave my class with an appreciation for the richness of our country's history and the realization that outspoken patriotism is OK!
    I am preparing my students for the 8th grade U.S. History STAAR.  Our results on last year's STAAR test was outstanding here at Creekview.  Our scores were the highest in the district for the 6th consecutive year!  If your student will follow the path I set for them in the preparation process, they will be successful! 
    I am preparing my 7th graders for success in the 8th grade.  We will blending Texas history with U.S. history all year long.
    I frequently tell my students that I am one of the "lucky ones."  I am paid to do something I love - how cool is that!  I will encourage them to make choices that will enable them to follow a life path that will bring them satisfaction and enjoyment. History abounds with examples of people who chose a path and were willing to do what was necessary to reach their goal.  We will examine how the choices made by individuals throughout our history affect us today.
    Please feel free to contact me at any time throughout the year. I will always make time to discuss your concerns and your student's progress.
    Phone:  817-237-4261  ext.5178
    Conference time: 9.15 - 10:05      Room # 214

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