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Boswell Teacher Named a Texas Teacher of the Year

A teacher standing holding two plaques surrounded by studentsThe top Family and Consumer Sciences Teacher in the State of Texas is in Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD. Boswell High School’s Tamara Taylor was surprised with that honor at this year’s Family and Consumer Sciences Teachers Association of Texas (FCSTAT) awards luncheon. 

“I was taken by surprise,” Taylor said. “I feel honored to have a fellow Family and Consumer Sciences teacher outside my school district think of me to nominate when they were asked who would be deserving of this award.”

Taylor attended the event, at the Renaissance Hotel in Dallas, after being named the Teacher of the Year for Region 2.

"Tamara exemplifies excellence in education. She consistently goes above and beyond to ensure her students receive a top-notch education in Family and Consumer Sciences.” Dr. Dana Eldredge, Director of Career & Technical Education in EMS ISD said. “Her commitment to her students and her innovative teaching methods have set a high standard for educators throughout the district."

Being named the state teacher of the year is the culmination what has been a sort of resurgence in Taylor’s career.

“When I started in Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD at Boswell High School five years ago, I came with 16 years of experience but was broken and lacked self-confidence,” Taylor said. “I am beyond grateful that Nika Davis, my campus principal at Boswell High School and Dr. Eldredge could see that I still had a tiny flicker of enthusiasm for my content and that I just needed to be shown professional trust and support.”

With that trust and support, Taylor began focusing on her content area once again.

“I have been told I expect too much from myself, but anything less wouldn’t be good enough,” she said.  “Time and time again, I prepare lessons and then, after they are taught, I change them to make them better.”

Which, in turn, is impacting Taylor’s students.

“As a Family and Consumer Sciences teacher, I have daily opportunities to share and exemplify the necessary skills to be a positive, productive, responsible, reliable and self-sufficient individual in society,” she said. “I want my students to not only learn and understand the Family and Consumer Sciences content that I happen to be teaching that day or year, but learn how to set goals, formulate plans to achieve those goals, problem solve and manage their resources to become successful adults and leaders in their homes, careers and community.”

Making this recognition of being the best in the state a true celebration for the entire Boswell and EMS ISD community.

“I am so excited for Tamara Taylor to be honored in this way,” Davis said. “She has a heart for students, is a leader in her department and deserves every ounce of recognition for what she does for students in our Family and Consumer Sciences program.”

A passion for her students, her content area, and her entire school community.

“I am thankful that my love of teaching students' life and family skills to be productive adults has been restored to the flame it is today,” she said. “The FCSTAT Teacher of the Year award will be proudly hung on my classroom wall to remind me each and every day that, even on my worst day, others believe in me and my passion and therefore, I should believe in myself.”

We are #EMSproud of world class educator Tamara Taylor and appreciate how she carries the torch providing an amazing education in EMS ISD.

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