This year I will be teaching math and science to two classrooms of students.  I will have Mrs. Wright's  students as well as my own.  Homework will be given out on Mondays starting Tuesday, September 4.  It will be one paper, front and back, that is a review of the skills your child learned the previous week.   The homework is due Friday mornings.  If your child completes their homework before Friday they may turn it in when they are completed. If your child has a question and you are unable to assist them at home they are welcome to bring it to me before school for help Tuesday- Thursday.  If your child has their homework completed and turned in by class time on Friday they will receive ten minutes of free time.  If their homework is not completed they will work on their home work for those 10 minutes and turn in what they have completed.  The purpose of this home work is extra skills practice as well as you being able to see what your child has been doing in class.  It is my hope that  they can TEACH you what they have learned.  If you have any questions please feel free to e-mail me.  I am looking forward to an amazing year with your child in math and science
    Jill Wagenknecht
    4th Grade, Math and Science
    Conference Time- 10:35-11:25
    Room 220

    My philosophy of education is that EVERY child can and will learn. Helping each child reach their full potential is where the teacher comes in. My job is to help each child learn and love learning.