•  Attendance Procedures


    Absences – Excused /Unexcused


    A student is only allowed 18 total absences for the year.  At which point he/she may be required to bring a doctor note for any absence to be excused. 


    In order for an absence to be excused with a parent note, the note must be received at school within 72 hours of the absence.  Parent notes received after the 72 hour deadline will not change the absence from unexcused to excused.


    Medical absences are when a student has a doctor note stating the day they missed.  By law we are not allowed to mark a medical absence with out a doctor note.  All doctor notes must have the students name, the date of the absence and when they are allowed back to school.

    Truancy may be filed after a student misses 10 or more days or parts of days within a 6 month period without excuse.