Lake Pointe Guidance Curriculum 2017/2018

    We are One Team

    August - Meet the Counselor

    Who is the school counselor?


    September – Acceptance

    We accept ourselves and others.


    October – Conflict Resolution/Red Ribbon Week

    We are buddies, not bullies

    We understand drug/alcohol safety and prevention.


    We are Wise Workers

    November/December – Caring/Kindness

    We show kindness to others and help those in need.


    January – Responsibility/Testing

    We do the jobs we are supposed to do and always try our best.


    We are Luminous Leaders

    February – Trustworthiness

    We live with integrity by being honest, reliable, and loyal.


    March – Respect

    We treat others the way we want to be treated.


    We are Sagacious Scholars

    April – Good Citizenship/Earth Day

    We do our share to make the community and world a better place.


    May – Careers

    We believe in our dreams and expect greatness.



       WE ARE OWLS!