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    Library Policies

    Library Access

    • Regular library hours are 7:45am-3:45pm daily (some exceptions for meetings, appointments, and testing days).

    • With teacher permission, students may use the library any time of day. Please be sure to have a signed library pass from your teacher.

    • All Literature classes (English for 8th graders) bring their students to the library every two weeks for students to renew and/or check out library materials. Library days/times may vary and must be scheduled by a teacher.

    Checkout Policy

    • Students may checkout up to two books/items at a time for two weeks. Items may be renewed during that period if necessary and if the item is not already on hold for another student.

    • Students should return books by placing them in the library's book return slot.

    • Students and staff should immediately return any found books to the library.

    Fines and Lost Books Policy

    • Items turned in after the two week checkout period are considered late and are subject to a fine of $.05 per day overdue.

    • Students should return overdue books even if they cannot pay the fine at that time.

    • We do give a one-day grace period on all overdue books. Please see Mrs. Peters for any extenuating circumstances.

    • Students are responsible for damaged or lost items. Please take care of your books!

    • Students are not allowed to checkout any books if their fines exceed $.50 or if their fine is more than one month old. Once your fine is paid, you may resume normal checkout.

    • Please see Mrs. Peters if you need to work out a weekly payment plan. As long as you make your scheduled payment each week, I will allow you to check out one book at a time until the fine is cleared (even if your fine is more than $.50).

    • Reading off fines: Students have the option to read off their library fines versus paying the fine. Fine read-off slips are available in the library. Every minute spent reading reduces the fine. For example, a student with a $.50 fine may read for 50 minutes, complete the read-off slip noting material(s) read and with time read totaling at least 50 minutes. Slips must be signed by a teacher or parent and returned to the librarian for fine removal.

    • Damaged book fines:

    damage fine list

    • Fines may also be issued for excessive printing on library printers. Students may print up to 5 pages of school related materials free of charge. A fine of $.10 will be charged for each additional page.

    Open Checkout

    Students are welcome in the library any time of the school day to checkout, use library computers, complete assignments or tests, or read quietly. Teachers should send students with a completed pass to the library. Passes must be designated library passes and signed by student's teacher.

    Visiting the Library During Lunch
    Seventh and eighth grade students are welcome to come to the library during lunch.Students should eat lunch FIRST, then show your pass to the lunch monitor. Daily lunch passes are available in the library; just come by anytime before your lunch. There is a limited number of lunch passes, and it is first-come, first-served. Students who visit the library during lunch should sign in and remain in the library until lunch is over.

    Sixth graders are required to stay in the cafeteria during lunch.

    Visiting the Library Before School

    • Many students arrive at school early. The library is open daily at 7:45 am to provide a quiet place for students to read, study, checkout, or work on library computers. 
    • No pass is needed, however, space is limited. If a computer is needed to complete a school assignment, it is recommended you get here early. 
    • The library will be closed occasionally for staff meetings.  


    Visiting the library after school
    With very few exceptions, the library is open daily after school until 3:45 pm. Students are welcome to stay in the library to use computers, checkout, or read quietly until 3:45. Please be aware the library may occasionally be closed for special events or staff meetings.
    Library Behavior
    •  No gum, food, or drinks are allowed in the library.
    • Students must use quiet voices at all times.
    • Students are expected to respect library staff and materials at all times. Library staff reserves the right to send students back to class if they are loitering or misusing the library and its resources. Extreme behavior cases will be referred to the office.
    • Teachers are responsible for redirecting or disciplining any students exhibiting inappropriate library behavior.
    • Students and staff are expected to comply with the district's Acceptable Use Policy while using the internet.